Purpose of Rain Gutters

What is the purpose of Gutters? 

A form of Rain Gutter has been around since 3000 – 1500BC. There is evidence that the Harrappan Civilization used a form of rain gutter to keep water from ruining their homes. We see gutters take on many different names throughout history, such as the greeks use, with gargoyles. Almost as long as we have had roofs over our heads and rain from the sky, we have acknowledged the need to funnel water from our roofs to prevent damage to our homes and foundation.

Benefits of proper gutter installations:

  • Prevents erosion of the soil around your home
  • Helps to keep your foundation solid 
  • Prevents roof damage
  • Prevents mold from developing on the outside of your home
  • Aids in keeping your crawl space and basement dry and mold free
  • Create great “curb appeal” to your home! 

Where do I begin? 

In Georgia, it rains. It rains in Spring, in Fall, and most of the time, it rains (instead of snows) in the Winter! Don’t wait until you already have a problem. If your home is without gutters or is in need of a new gutter system installment, give Duckworth Gutters a call and we will be happy to set you up with a free consultation and quote.

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