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How To Choose The Right Gutters For Your Home

by Duckworth Gutters on 01/27/18

It’s true, the average home owner doesn’t think, “YAY! I need new Gutters!”, when renovating or staying on top of home "up-keep". In fact, it can be very stressful. The truth is, it doesn't have to be! Duckworth Gutters can help fit it in that “Yay” category., at least where gutters and gutter covers are concerned. Not only can gutters can give a fresh new look to your home, but properly installed gutters can aid in extending the life of your roof and keep the condition of your foundation in top shape.

How do you choose the right gutter for your home? There are differences in material, style, and color. For residential homes, good choices of material include Copper and Aluminum. Unlike the original use of steel gutters, copper and aluminum never rust. In addition to never rusting, choosing to include gutter covers with your full installment will keep your gutters clear and running “healthy” for life. 

Seamless Copper Gutters look best on brick or stone homes but with the right touch of paint on the walls, could go with any home. The professionals at Duckworth Gutters can help you decide if Copper Gutters are right for your home. Here are a few key benefits to choosing Copper: 

  • Durability – Copper gutters will last the test of time in any climate – from subzero to blazing hot. They will never rust and will last for decades.
  • Unique – copper gutters provide instant interest and appeal. It is important to note that copper gutters will form a coat of patina over time through oxidation but this adds a whole new rustic and vintage look to your home.
  • Copper gutters are low maintenance – especially when installed with Leafree gutter covers.  

Seamless Aluminum Gutters look great on every home and come in almost every color you could imagine.  Here are a few benefits to seamless aluminum gutters:

  • Seamless gutters are low maintenance. Gutters with joints are more prone to debris clogs.
  • Leak Free – seamless gutters offer a leak free system with fasteners and joints only located in the corners and downspouts.
  • Variety – everyone loves variety. Aluminum gutters come in a multitude of colors that are baked on so you never have to worry about paint chipping.
  • Custom – all seamless gutters are made specifically for your home down to the inch. With professional installation, these gutters provide the best possible protection for your home from the many damages caused by water.


If you are looking to install new gutters for your home, you’re in luck! For the first time ever, Duckworth Gutters is offering a limited special offer for full gutter installations. See details below. If you are ready, give Scott at Duckworth Gutters a call at 678-773-3721. 

4 Tips to Keep your Home Protected During the Winter Months

by Duckworth Gutters on 01/05/18


  • Prevent Ice Dams - Make sure your gutters and soffit vents are clear of debris. We just saw the most snow GA has seen in a very long time. By now, you can most likely tell how equipped your gutters were with handling the inches of snow and ice! One way to prevent damage is to ensure they are clear of debris before the snow and ice hit. If your interested in never having to worry about cleaning your gutters again, Contact Us to discuss installing leafree gutters! 

  • Disconnect all your garden hoses and ensure they are emptied. Cover your faucets with insulating foam to protect them from the chill!

  • Check roof tiles, shutters, siding, and other exterior materials to ensure they are secure and sealed. This will help to keep heat inside and the cold outside.

  • Trim branches that are over your home to prevent damage from falling limbs. 


Why do I need Gutters?

by Duckworth Gutters on 12/05/17

Duckworth Gutters

What's the purpose of Gutters?

Some form of Rain Gutter has been around since 3000 – 1500BC. There is evidence that the Harrappan Civilization used a form of rain gutter to keep water from ruining their homes. We see gutters take on many different names throughout history, such as the use of gargoyles. Almost as long as we have had roofs over our heads and rain from the sky, we have acknowledged the need to funnel water from our roofs to prevent damage to our homes and foundation.

Benefits of proper gutter installations:

  • Prevents erosion of the soil around your home
  • Helps to keep your foundation solid
  •  Prevents mold from developing on the outside of your home
  • Aids in keeping your crawl space and basement dry and mold free
  • Creates great “curb appeal” to your home! 

Where do I begin?

In Georgia, it rains. It rains in Spring, in Fall, and most of the time, it rains (instead of snows) in the Winter! If your home is without gutters or is in need of a new gutter system installment, give Duckworth Gutters a call and we will be happy to set you up with a free consultation and quote. Don’t wait until you already have a problem! 

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Gutter Covers – Why they are important?

by Duckworth Gutters on 11/13/17

Today, it is common for new homes to be installed with gutters. Many even know the endless benefits of having gutters. What you may not know is why Gutter Covers are necessary. Duckworth Gutters can help to clear it up a bit.

What are Gutter Covers?

Gutter Covers are an addition to your gutter system that provide a defense against debris from clogging the gutters. If you take a peak in you gutters, you may see things such as pine needles, leaves, dirt and mud, mosquito larvae, squirrels and sometimes, even snakes!

What are the benefits to Gutter Covers?

The common recommendation is to clean your gutters at least three times a year; once in the spring and twice in the fall. If you have trees over your home, it is recommended to clean them as much as every three months to avoid clogs.

What Gutter System is best?

Gutter covers take away your need to ever have your gutters cleaned again. Duckworth Gutters installs Leafree gutter covers backed by a Lifetime no gutter clog warranty.

Other Benefits of Choosing Leaf-Free:

  • Advanced and Proven Design – installed with a curved hood that deflects debris while allowing rain water to flow into gutter.
  • Heave duty, aluminum construction
  • Installs between starter and first layer shingle to seal and prevent moisture damage to your roof
  • Can be custom fit to a new or existing gutter system 


Contact Duckworth Gutters today for your free estimate of the proven Leafree gutter cover system.


Meet Our Team

by Duckworth Gutters on 11/06/17


The Duckworth Gutters team has over 25 years of combined experience. From repairing gutters to installing an entire new system, they can handle all your gutter needs. Scott has been installing gutters in the Atlanta area since 1990. Through the years, he has heard it all, seen it all, and done it all. Scott is passionate about his work and the desire to put his customer’s needs first; so much so, he recruited his son, Josh to work with him in 2010. Scott and Josh make quite the dynamic duo when running the family-owned business.

When you hire Duckworth Gutters, you are making an investment. Did you know that clogged or improperly installed gutters can cause a host of problems to your home? Water damage to your foundation, soffit and fascia rot, and erosion are just a few to name. The Duckworth Gutter team can install seamless 6” gutters that can improve not only the look of you home, but can help protect your home to last a lifetime.

Products services offered overview

Duckworth Gutters offers a variety of copper and aluminum gutters and downspouts with your choice of over 20 color variations. If you are in the market for something unique, you have the option to request custom fabricated gutters to meet your specific needs.

 If you are sick of the constant cleaning of your gutters, Duckworth Gutters offers LeaFree and E-Z Solid gutter covers accompanied by a lifetime, no-clog warranty.

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Duckworth Gutters proudly serves Atlanta, North Atlanta, and everything in between. Give us a call 24/7 to schedule your free consultation.

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