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What Does Foundation Damage Really Mean?

by Duckworth Gutters on 03/15/19

You have heard about the risk of damage to your foundation due to lack of gutters. But what can that really look like for you as a home owner? 


It helps to first consider what gutters do for your home. The purpose of gutters are to route water from your roof away from your home. In order for them to work properly, they must be free of debris. Scheduling regular cleanings of your gutters can be costly and doing it on your own can be dangerous. Gutter covers eliminate your need of gutter cleanings and when installed by Duckworth Gutters, are guaranteed for life. If you are interested in hearing more about gutter covers, contact us


What happens when water falls directly into your foundation?

Without properly installed gutters, the water from rain that runs off your roof falls directly into your foundation. Over time, the water can cause many issues including:


·     Water damage to your foundationNon-structuralwater damage refers to water seeping in small holes into the basement. Left untreated, it can lead to mold and mildew buildup resulting in costly repairs and an unsafe place for your family and pets to live. Structural water damage is another result of untreated “non-structural” water damage. When this happens, your entire home can shift and sink under its own weight resulting in extensive repairs.


·     Bugs and insects infiltrating your home. Another by-product of water damage can include insect infiltration. When water damages the foundation, it creates holes that allow bugs to get inside. The standing water also attracts water-loving bugs such as cockroaches and silversides. Both of which can be huge nuisances and cause further damage. 


If you suspect water damage has already affected your foundation, call a professional immediately. The next step is to call Duckworth Gutters (678-773-3721). We will come out, give you a free estimate and properly install gutters to keep this from ever happening again. 

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