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Gutter Covers – Why they are important?

by Duckworth Gutters on 11/13/17

Today, it is common for new homes to be installed with gutters. Many even know the endless benefits of having gutters. What you may not know is why Gutter Covers are necessary. Duckworth Gutters can help to clear it up a bit.

What are Gutter Covers?

Gutter Covers are an addition to your gutter system that provide a defense against debris from clogging the gutters. If you take a peak in you gutters, you may see things such as pine needles, leaves, dirt and mud, mosquito larvae, squirrels and sometimes, even snakes!

What are the benefits to Gutter Covers?

The common recommendation is to clean your gutters at least three times a year; once in the spring and twice in the fall. If you have trees over your home, it is recommended to clean them as much as every three months to avoid clogs.

What Gutter System is best?

Gutter covers take away your need to ever have your gutters cleaned again. Duckworth Gutters installs Leafree gutter covers backed by a Lifetime no gutter clog warranty.

Other Benefits of Choosing Leaf-Free:

  • Advanced and Proven Design – installed with a curved hood that deflects debris while allowing rain water to flow into gutter.
  • Heave duty, aluminum construction
  • Installs between starter and first layer shingle to seal and prevent moisture damage to your roof
  • Can be custom fit to a new or existing gutter system 


Contact Duckworth Gutters today for your free estimate of the proven Leafree gutter cover system.


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1. Mia Stewart said on 6/19/19 - 12:01PM
I like how the article explains that gutter covers are used to prevent debris from clogging your gutters such as pine needles. There is a pine tree that goes over my house and is always dropping pine needles in my gutter that often clogs the gutters when it rains. Maybe getting a gutter cover can help to prevent my gutter from getting clogged due to the pine needles.

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